Men's Bronze medal goes to Down Under

Day 11, Match #47m: Australia - Iran 68:57

Australia - Iran 68:57 (14:13/29:31/50:40)

Defending champion Australia wins another medal at the 2018 World Cup in Hamburg - this time Bronze. In the exciting "little final", they beat Iran 68:57.

From the very beginning, the spectators saw a very balanced and close match between two courageous teams. The lead changed several times. It was only in the third quarter that the Australians managed to set theirselves apart. With a ten-point lead in the back, the men of Down Under also controlled action in the last section of the match and finally made the result clearer than the course of the game made it appear.

Iran's most successful scorer was once again Omid Hadiazhar, who scored 15 of his 16 points in the first half. In a balanced Australian team, Bill Latham was the best with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.

Craig Friday, Head Coach Australia: 
„This game was some good reward for hard that we`ve done for the last two years. We were disappointed after Rio and wanted to jump back into the top 4 but also get the Bronze medal as a good reward for the effort we put into the preparation. We know that there`s still lots of work to do to make it to the next level, but we look forward to the future.“ 

Mohammadreza Dastyar, Head Coach Iran: 
„Australia played well, it`s a great team that won the previous tournament. We had a great play for the half of the game, but I think we lost it by the Australian counterattacks. Unfortunately, we then lost the control of the game and the whole match.“ 

Photo: Uli Gasper