Spanish men save World Cup place 5

Day 11, Match #46m: Poland - Spain 52:79

Poland - Spain 52:79 (14:26/22:50/38:61)

Spain finishes in 5th place at the 2018 World Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Hamburg. In the first match of the final day, the reigning Paralympic silver medalist clearly beat Poland.

Poland did not really get into the game in the first half and had to watch Spain play freshly, score noticeably better and win the first two quarters without difficulty. Already at halftime, the game was almost decided with 50:22.

In the third part of the game, however, the Poles found their way back into the game shortening the leeway to five points. But in the last quarter Spain retook the control over the match and reached a convincing, final score of 79:52.

Among the Spaniards, Pablo Zarzuela was the most efficient thrower with 24 points. Besides, three more Spaniards scored in double figures. Only Dominik Mosler and Andrzej Macek could convince the Poles with 10 points each.

Piotr Luszynski, Plying Coach / Head Coach Poland:
"We knew Spain is much stronger than we are. We said to ourselves: `We didn't have anything to lose in the last game.´ We did our best, but the 100% concentration was already gone. At least our young players could also play a little and experience this great atmosphere. All in all, it is a real surprise for us to become the sixth-best team in the world."

Oscar Trigo Diez, Head Coach Spain:
„Finally, we won. This is very important for us because it gives you a good feeling in the end of the tournament. We wanted to defend very strong, this was the most important thing. Reaching fifth place makes us very happy.“

Photo: Steffie Wunderl